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Serpens Necklace

Serpens Necklace
Serpens Necklace
Serpens Necklace

Serpens Necklace

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Serpens Necklace is from the latest collection 'Aurora.' A modern ode to the night sky inspired by ancient stories that have been shaped by the constellations above.

A group of stars know as Serpens consists of two constellations and takes the form of a winding snake.

On ancient star maps the whole constellation winds through the stars of The Serpent Bearer and depicts the Serpent's winding movements and curvature. 

Incorporating a square snake chain that is reminiscent of the Serpent in this tale, the Serpens necklace is adjustable through the centre slider pendant, allowing it to be a versatile length for all wearers and occasions.

Handcrafted in Sterling Silver refined from vintage medical X-Ray film.

  • Product Information

    ◻︎ No minimum length
    ◻︎ Maximum length at 50cm.

    ◻︎ Silver square filed snake chain.

    ◻︎ Slider pendant allows chain lengths to be adjustable.

    ◻︎ Silver curved stopper bar attached to end of chain.

    ◻︎ All Angharad Silver and Vermeil pieces are made from AgAIN silver refined from vintage medical X-ray film, which offers a fully traceable recycled source within the UK whilst also supporting the NHS.

    ◻︎ Please refer to our About page to find out more.

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