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Muse's Pearls

Muse's Pearls
Muse's Pearls

Muse's Pearls

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 The Muse's Pearls are from Angharad's debut collection, The Dream of Maxen. Inspired by the Mabinogion and the fifth tales dreamscape. 

"She wore shifts of white silk, a hairband with rubies, gems and pearls."

The Muse's Pearl's are a modern ode to the elements described in this tale and a token of the sea and sun. 

Handcrafted in Gold Vermeil and sold as a pair.

  • Product Information

    ◻︎ 5cm by 2.5cm
    ◻︎ Baroque Pearl size approx. = 1.5cm - 2cm in length and 1cm to 1.5cm in width.

    ◻︎ As Baroque Pearls are naturally occurring and incorporate an irregular, non-spherical shape, each pearl will differ ever so slightly in shape and size.

    ◻︎ All Angharad Silver and Vermeil pieces are made from AgAIN silver refined from vintage medical X-ray film, which offers a fully traceable recycled source within the UK whilst also supporting the NHS.

    ◻︎ Our Gold Vermeil pieces consist of refined X-ray film plated with 18k recycled yellow gold at 2.5 microns.

    ◻︎ Please refer to our About page to find out more.

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