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About Angharad

About Angharad


Angharad designs take a fluid natural form, with distinctive edges of creative
modernism, blending seamlessly together to create jewellery that is wearable for modern women and men.

Angharad was founded in 2020 by Meghan Griffiths, a designer-maker who works out of her East London Studio.

Pieces are handcrafted from reclaimed precious metals using lost wax casting and smithing techniques.

Drawing on her Welsh roots, Angharad is inspired by the texts of The Mabinogion, a collection of ancient Welsh
mythical folklore tales.

Bringing these texts into a modern space, collections continue to explore themes that have shaped and have been shaped by these creative tales.

  • Our Philosophy

COMMITMENT TO Sustainability

Creating a brand that keeps sustainability at its core, without compromising creative freedom and quality, has been a priority from the beginning.

All Angharad Silver and Vermeil pieces are made from AgAIN silver refined from vintage medical x-ray film, which offers a fully traceable recycled source within the UK whilst also supporting the NHS.

These X-Ray Films are usually kept in storage at considerable cost to the NHS or sent to landfill. Recycling and refining these films in turn saves hundreds of thousands of pounds for the medical industry and minimises environmental impact.

Solid gold pieces are made from Single Mine Origin Gold and sourced from fully traceable, responsible suppliers meeting stringent new guidelines. Please find out more here.

All Angharad jewellery is designed and handcrafted in the UK.

Our Packaging:

◻︎Boxes and mailers are made from fully recycled boxboard and are fully recyclable.
◻︎ Linen inserts are handmade and are biodegradable.
◻︎ Tissue is made from recycled pulp fibres and is fully recyclable
◻︎ Stickers are made from cellulose fibres and are compostable.

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